Our dear friend and Wisconsin Grassroots Network founder, Nate Timm (seen on the right in the picture), served as WGN’s Chair from 2009 to 2022. Along with other members, Nate created educational events and seminars, a network for message-based signage, and vibrant connections to people and organizations across Wisconsin. His crowning achievement was The Wisconsin Grassroots Festival which made its debut in 2010. Sadly, Nate suffered a stroke early in 2022 and could no longer serve.

The 2023 festival went on as planned, but the future of WGN was unclear. In Nate’s absence, members met to consider disbanding the organization. At the end of May, 2023, five WGN members decided to keep Wisconsin Grassroots Network alive. They and their interim officers were Roger Springman, Chair; Rev. John Stanley, Vice Chair; Rebecca Alwin, Secretary; Ginny Brokish, Treasurer; and Dawn Shegonee. These five drafted a constitution and a mission statement. They invited those who had been part of the festival’s history to become founding members of the new WGN and to vote on the constitution. On October 24th, 2023, that vote was finalized and WGN was reborn.

For the first time, there were  written guidelines for how to operate, and having a constitution soon proved its value. For personal reasons, Roger Springman stepped down as Chair. The constitution provided that the Vice Chair replace him. For more information, see the About Us page.

WGN Leaders - Nate Timm on Right