Call for Peace

Our profound gratitude to Dawn and Art Shegonee for their beautiful exhibition. Congratulations to Dawn who received a well-deserved award for her dedication to WGN and to peace.

Art Exhibition & Multimedia Program

Diversity is Democracy! Celebrating the Tapestry of Humanity

A US Cultural Reparative History of Photography - Literature - Film

Call for Peace
Dawn and Art Shegonee
At the festival, Artist Activists Art & Dawn Shegonee, known as the "Cowgirl Indian - Unlikely Alliance" will take you on a historical, transformational journey, creating a new common memory of our interconnectedness with unity, justice, hope & discovery.

Art and Dawn will share hidden history of Native Americans, a wide array of photographs, film, and dance. We are facing the many current crises of our age, from climate change, to water is life, to the land, and social justice. We are at the crossroads of truth.....of untold histories, science, technology & Indigenous Wisdom, in saving our democracy, and creating sustainable solutions for our future generations to come.

Call for Peace Photo in Cairo, Egypt\

Art and Dawn Shegonee

Art Shegonee is a member of the Menominee & Potawatomie Tribes of Wisconsin. He was named Ambassador to Indian Summer Festival in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He and his wife, Dawn, are both Global Artists, Activists & Co-Founders since 1989, of the world renowned Call for Peace Drum & Dance Company. They represent seven Multicultural Dance Company Directors, coming together in performing a circle dance of unity called, "Dancing the Dream, A New Hope For Humanity."

They have been promoting cross cultural understanding through performance art in the US and around the world. The Company holds letters of endorsements from Dr. Arun Gandhi; former Congressman John Lewis; President Bill Clinton; Charlotte Black Elk; and Former Mayor of Madison, WI, Paul Soglin.

A New People
Art Shegonee